CARECEN Welcomes New Citizenship Coordinator!


Rachel Gittinger joined CARECEN on November 15 as our new Citizenship Coordinator. She will work closely with Ana Negoescu, our Director of Education and Advocacy to implement activities funded through a USCIS grant, including: updates to the curriculum to include the use of technology and more interactive and experiential learning, setting up a computer lab (also made possible by a computer donation from the IDB DC Solidarity Program), streamlining intake and introducing standardized student assessment, reorganizing and better equipping the classrooms and conducting more rigorous follow up.

Rachel has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and International Studies from the University of Kansas. She has significant international experience that includes directing an international civic engagement  and training program for youth in Honduras and working with a micro-finance agency serving female entrepreneurs in Costa Rica.  Rachel has been in DC since April, working at Polaris Project as a bilingual call specialist with the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.  She has been a volunteer civics teacher at CARECEN since July, activity that she describes as the highlight of her week! She also coaches gymnastics in her free time.

Welcome Rachel!

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