Registration for Winter Citizenship Classes Starts Today, December 10!


Today we start registration for the winter citizenship classes at CARECEN that start in January. Class duration is 12 weeks and each student will take one two-hour civics class and one two-hour civics focused ESL class per week, during preferred hours (weeknights of weekend).

Starting in 2013, CARECEN will introduce the use of computers and technology in teaching civics and English for the naturalization interview and exam. Based on best practices and participant feedback, our class will be extended to 12 weeks.

Lawful Permanent Residents can register by visiting our offices located at 1460 Columbia Road NW, Suite C-1, Washington, DC 20009, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM, with their greencard. Those interested to enroll will fill out a registration form, will take an English assessment test, will pay the $50 tuition fee and will receive the textbooks and other study materials.

For more details please see the flyer below. If you have questions about the program please call us at (202) 328-9799 Ext. 23.

This program is made possible with generous support from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the DC Mayor’s Office of Latino Affairs, and the Inter-American Development Bank- DC Solidarity Program. 

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