Volunteer and New Citizen Spotlight

Enrique Campusano German is originally from the Dominican Republic. He was very involved in his community before he left for the United States. He has been sending money back for community development since he left and has single handedly created a baseball program for Dominican youth. He had applied for citizenship in English in the past, being just two years short of the language exemption, and failed. Two years later he was even more committed to becoming a citizen and began to study in Spanish in CARECEN’s citizenship education program. Being more prepared, he applied with CARECEN again. He went to his interview on March 15th with his CARECEN interpreter and he passed! On May 9th Sr. Campusano became a United Citizen. He jokes that when he put the photos of his ceremony on Facebook all of the Dominican Republic called him. Soon after, he came into the CARECEN to complete his final steps of becoming a citizen. He registered to vote and applied for a U.S. Passport. He has since received his passport and hopes to travel to the Dominican Republic in July so he can spend a whole month with his baseball program youth, something he was not able to do when he was a permanent resident. Congratulations Sr. Campusano!

During his studies, Sr. Campusano worked with our high school volunteer Alex. Alex is a high school student at Sidwell School and had this to say about her experience:
“I will never forget the day one of the students I tutored, Sr. Campesiño, passed his citizenship test. He came running into the office while I was sitting at the front desk and when told me the good news, I got up and he gave me the most enthusiastic hug. As we were laughing, he looked me in the eye and said, “Thank you mija, I could have never done this without you.” I told him he could have done it without me, it was all his hard work that paid off. He smiled and said, “One day you have to visit my country, you are dominicana in your heart.” We laughed and talked about how the interview went for a few minutes before he went to tell the other students that he had passed. I was so touched that I had made an impact on this man’s life and that I had been able to share such a special moment with him.”

We are so glad that Alex had such a fulfilling experience working with us and we are looking forward to seeing the awesome immigration advocate and ally she becomes!

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