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Past Events

41st Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate 42 Years of Resilience and Empowerment!

October 26, 2023  6-9pm
Planet Word Museum

41st Anniversary Celebration

Educate, Unite, and Empower: 41st Anniversary Celebration

October 27, 2022  6-9pm
The Gathering Spot

Celebrating 40 Years

Together We are Stronger: 40 Years of Surviving, Thriving, and Inspiring

October 7, 2021
Presented Virtually

Overcome Barriers

Help immigrant families become more secure, stable, and engaged in the community.

CARECEN meets the challenges facing those seeking to integrate into the United States. Our programs increase skills, knowledge, and civic engagement— helping overcome barriers that make it difficult to transition. Your gift today will provide opportunity for improved quality of life for those in need.




Support financial literacy skill building for 25 Latinas looking to build adjusted COVID household budgets.

Provide more than 500 community members with access to Zoom webinars that help them understand their housing rights during the pandemic.

Assist 20 families who apply for the emergency rental assistance program (ERAP) due to loss of income related to the Corona virus.

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Improved Quality of Life
for an Empowered Latino Community

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