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Victory in Advocacy

Jan 24, 2021 | Housing, Impact Stories

We would like to congratulate the tenants at 5000-5040 New Hampshire Ave for acting together to preserve their home! CARECEN’s Housing Program helped tenants of 5000-5040 New Hampshire exercise their Tenant’s Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) rights. These buildings were up for sale and many tenants were confused as to what this meant for their livelihoods. At the request of the tenants, CARECEN was able to provide technical assistance. We were able to organize both properties and form a tenant association. We also assisted in identifying the tenant’s attorneys and developers. We organized and facilitated countless meetings, in which we met and discussed every step in exercising their TOPA rights. In the end after interviewing several developers, the members at these properties were able to select a developer, who not only is going to preserve the properties but also provide social services for residents. Congrats tenants!